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Erwin CPA Group

Steve Erwin, CPA founded Erwin CPA Group in order to meet the tax needs of both individuals and small businesses.  A CPA should be someone you can call on anytime during the year, not just when you need your tax return prepared! Whether it is to help you with quarterly tax estimates or maybe plans to start a business or purchase a rental property or something as small as trying to decide whether to buy or lease a new car.  

No client is too small to work with Erwin CPA Group. Whether a simple or complex tax situation, all clients deserve the same level of expertise and care in preparing their individual tax returns.  There are opportunities for tax savings no matter what your situation, and it is our job to not only make sure your tax return is completed properly, but also that we are pro-active in finding ways to reduce your tax liability in the future.

In addition to our individual tax clients, we also work with a wide range of small business owners. Whether you are out on your own or have a handful of employees, taxes aren't something to be taken lightly.  Business owners usually have the greatest potential for additional deductions and credits depending on their specific business type.  Our job is not only to make sure you are taking advantage of the tax laws available to you, but also to make sure you have set up the correct taxable entity for your business.

Steve is also the founder of Franklin Tax Group, which specializes in cost segregation studies for owners of commercial real estate and residential apartment complexes.  For more information, please visit

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