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$75/Month Nanny Payroll Tax Service

If you are like most people we talk to, you've already received or read a half dozen opinions on how to handle payroll taxes for your nanny.  The short answer is that if you pay wages of $2,000 or more to any household employee, you do need to pay payroll taxes and administer withholdings for your nanny.

So what does that entail?  Payroll taxes include both withholding social security and medicare taxes for your nanny, as well as paying your share as the employer.  It also includes withholding federal, state and county taxes for your nanny in addition to paying Indiana unemployment taxes quarterly.

Now that may all sound a bit overwhelming, and may even possibly tempt you to take your chances and choose not to do anything.  The problem with that approach is that, besides being illegal, you are risking eventually not only owing the past payroll taxes that were due, but also penalties and interest.

We have a simple and affordable solution to not only save you time in calculating the taxes and filing the forms on your own, but most importantly to keep you compliant with the tax law.

  • Free consultation to help estimate what your annual tax liability will be
  • Calculation of all withholdings and payroll taxes
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pay stub preparation (either you write the check or we set up direct deposit)
  • Preparation of all quarterly and annual forms, including the W-2 for your nanny
  • All for just $75 per month

Receive a free consultation to discuss your Nanny payroll taxes

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